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Because I care about you guys, I want your families to get more resilient and self-reliant in the case of an emergency or other unexpected event.

Not only do we have best in class emergency kits for you, but we also offer bespoke Emergency/Safety Plans customized to your individual needs to help your family communicate and get back together during a disaster. 

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Emergency Kits:

Our premiere Advanced Go Bag will support you if you need to leave your home for up to 3 days.  Not only is there the standard food and water, but we also include modern tools such as burner cell phones, walkie talkies, battery banks, but also the top brands for water filters, tools, flashlights, headlamps, and first aid kits.  

   Our Shelter at Home kit is designed to keep your family safe, warm and comfortable in your home for a week, even if the grid is down and there is no electricity.  It features innovative solutions to storing large amounts of water, as well as dealing with the bathroom when the toilets don't flush.  It also includes freeze dried food to supplement what you have in your pantry, a stove to heat water, a heavy duty hiking filter, advanced first aid kit, several lights and other necessary items.

Emergency Safety Plans:  

   Our E/SP is at the core of what we offer at Black Umbrella. It will tell each of your family members whom to contact, in what order, in case communications are failing, and where to go if you can't get home, all captured on a laser etched metal Go Card for each person.  We work with your family to create these bespoke plans based on your specific situation, critical phone numbers and safe locations.


Please call us at 646-470-4770 or email at ready@blackumbrella.com if you have any questions or want more information.  Be safe and take care!