Basic Go Bag

$ 349.00

Even a Basic Go Bag should include only the highest quality products, from trusted brands, to ensure that they'll perform as expected when you need them the most, and our experts have curated and vetted each of these items to make sure they pass our quality standards for usefulness and durability.  

Our Basic Go Bag contains 25 critical items to keep you safe, warm, fed, hydrated, clean, dry and comfortable for two days away from home.  

What is included:

  • Shelter- survival poncho and 2 person emergency blanket
  • Water- Lifestraw water filter and one quart of water
  • Fire/Lighting- Princeton Tec headlamp, Bic lighter, and 9 Hour candle
  • Food-  two 2400cal meal bars
  • Medical- AMK first aid kit, N95 masks, and sanitizer gel
  • Hygiene- Dr Bronner's castile soap and wet wipes
  • Communications-  AM/FM radio, safety whistle, waterproof notebook, sharpie, pen and pencil
  • Tools-  Large advanced multitool, paracord, folding compass, work gloves, safety glasses and duct tape
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