Level II Safety Plan

$ 1,945.00

A Customized Emergency/Safety Plan for Your Family


Black Umbrella builds practical, personalized Emergency/Safety Plans for individuals, couples, and families.

From a flooded basement to a full-scale emergency, we all know that every great life will have some bumps along the way. Having an Emergency/Safety Plan (E/SP) is as important as having insurance - or teaching kids to call 911.

As every major disaster demonstrates, millions of families lack a true emergency plan. 

In constructing your plan, our uniquely qualified Black Umbrella Tactical Specialists take you through a series of steps to identify the unique risks you and your family face. Exploring the tools and tactics available to you during the development of your E/SP is as valuable as the plan itself. It will broaden your understanding, increase the depth of your knowledge and make you more resilient.

It has never been more important for families to have alternate ways of communicating and reuniting after an emergency. Any number of circumstances can isolate you or members of your family. Guarding your safety, having options for communication and designated safe sites empower action and promote peace of mind.

Our Level II plan includes:

  • Indestructible Go Cards for each member of your family to have all of their critical phone numbers always at hand
  • Your family's personalized Reunification Plan and map packs to prioritize alternative locations to meet up
  • A Communications Protocol designed to keep each member of your family in touch if communications become difficult
  • Secure document storage for all of your most critical papers, licenses, credit cards, and passports
  • A drill session with your family to practice how to put your Communications Protocol and Reunification Plan into effect in a real life scenario
  • And two Basic Go Bags to provide the core essentials if your family needs to leave home unexpectedly

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