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The Sanctuary Box

$ 3,995.00
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The Sanctuary Box

$ 3,995.00
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Discover the Ultimate in Emergency Preparedness with the Sanctuary Box

Introducing the revolutionary Sanctuary Box – a game-changing innovation in home emergency preparedness. Born from our clients' demand for a comprehensive solution, this kit is the first of its kind, enabling a family of four to live safely and comfortably off-grid without water, electricity, or communication for an extended period.

Why the Sanctuary Box is Your Best Bet

Unlike traditional "Go Bags" that assume you’ll need to flee your home, the Sanctuary Box is built on the principle that your home is your safest haven. In times of crisis, there's no better place to be than surrounded by your belongings in a familiar environment. While others may scramble on congested roads, you’ll have the peace of mind to make informed decisions without the pressure of imminent resource depletion.

All-Inclusive, Best-in-Class Resources

We’ve curated only the highest-quality, top brand items, used and trusted by our own families, to ensure you’re equipped with the best. Leveraging the Special Forces philosophy of "two is one, and one is none", the Sanctuary Box provides multiple redundancies for each essential task, ensuring you're never left in the dark. 

We recommend one Sanctuary Box for each residence and your office to ensure comprehensive safety. 

Click on the categories below to see the items included:

Stay Powered, Stay Lit

  • Jackery Portable Power Station-   Recharge your devices and lights and batteries.
  • Biolite Solar Panel-   Backup recharging with solar power.
  •  USB battery recharger & Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries-   Keep electronics running.
  • Schumacher Car Inverter- Recharge right from your car.
  • Streamlight Compact LED Lanterns (2)-   Illuminate your space. 
  • Nitecore LED Headlamps (2)- Perform tasks in the dark.
  • Nitecore LED Flashlights (2)-  Navigate safely.
  • UCO "Nine Hour" Candles, Storm Matches & Bic Lighter- Reliable backup lighting.
  • Element Fire Extinguisher- Innovative, compact fire safety. 

Essential Water for Survival

  • WaterBob- Quickly store up to 100 gallons of fresh water in your bathtub.
  • Katadyn Water Filter- Ensure clean water from any source.
  • Micropur Purification Drops-   Additional water safety measure.
  • LMNT Hydration Packets- Maintain hydration and electrolytes with great-tasting flavors.

Be Your Own Medical Responder

Prepare for the Worst

  • GQ GMC Geiger Counter-   Monitor for any dangerous radiation levels.
  • Iosat Potassium Iodide tablets- Protect your thyroid.
  • N95 Masks (8)-   Prevent inhalation of harmful particles.

Stay Clean and Healthy

  • Sanitation Bags- Off-gird odor-free and disease-free waste disposal using your own bathroom facilities.
  • Cottonelle FreshCare Wipes- Personal hygiene without running water.

Be Informed & Connected

  • Motorola TalkAbout Walkie-Talkies (4)- Reliable communication on the go.
  • Midland AM/FM/Weather Hand Crank Radio -  Stay updated with crucial information. 
  • Apple Air Tag-   Easily locate your Sanctuary Box.

Ready for Any Repair

  • Full-sized Gerber Multitool- Versatile for repairs and fixes.
  • Gorilla Duct Tape-   Patch and fix anything.
  • Paracord (100')- Secure and tie down essential items.

Robust Storage

Your preparedness kit is housed in a virtually indestructible Yeti Cargo Box, designed to keep your gear secure and organized.

  • Yeti 60l Cargo Box-  For "bomb-proof" and watertight storage. 
  • Color Coded Packing Bags-  Quick & easy deployment.
  • Apple Air Tag Quickly locate your Sanctuary Box in any scenario.
  • Motion Sensing Light- Instantly illuminates the contents of your kit when opened, ensuring you find what you need without delay.
  • Sanctuary Box Owner's Manual