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The Sanctuary Armory

$ 1,995.00
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The Sanctuary Armory

$ 1,995.00
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Introducing the Sanctuary Armory: Ultimate Protection for You and Your Family

Step into unparalleled security with the Sanctuary Armory, the latest innovation from our renowned Sanctuary line. With over a decade of expertise in security and emergency solutions, we’ve crafted this kit to ensure your family's safety both at home and on the go.   

As perfect addition to our other Sanctuary kits, you will be ready to protect your home and resources with Tasers, defensive sprays, locks and alarms.  And when you leave home, each family member will have their own self-defense module of pepper sprays, alarms and lights to protect them too.  

Your family’s safety is priceless. Secure peace of mind with the Armory – your ultimate guardian against threats.

We recommend one Sanctuary Armory for each residence to ensure comprehensive protection. 

Click on the categories below to see the items included:

Unmatched Home Defense

Transform your master bedroom into an impenetrable fortress with the best security items on the market. From advanced security devices to powerful defensive tools, you’ll be ready to confront any threat.

  • Taser Bolt 2 Energy Weapon-  Non-lethal yet highly effective. Legal in all states (except RI)
  • Sabre Home Defense Spray- protect your entire family with this industry-leading defensive spray. 
  • Door Bull Lock Out Device. Reinforce your bedroom door by installing this for ultimate security.
  • Sabre Alarmed Door Wedges (2)-  Additional barriers to keep intruders at bay.
  • Nitecore Large Tactical Flashlight-   Illuminate and incapacitate attackers with this high-powered light, also serving as a striking tool.
  • Adventure Medical Kit Trauma Pak-   Be prepared to handle serious injuries swiftly and effectively.

Empowering Personal Security

In today’s unpredictable world, personal safety is paramount. The Armory features four deployable modules, ensuring every family member is equipped with essential defense tools that can easily be put in a pocketbook, briefcase or backpack.

  • Pom Pepper Spray (4)-   Premium self-defense spray for immediate protection. 
  • Sabre Personal Alarm (4)-  Draw attention and summon help instantly. 
  • Nitecore Tactical Pen (4)-  A discreet yet powerful self-defense tool. 
  • Nitecore Small Tactical Flashlight (4)-   Compact and mighty, perfect for deterring attackers.
  • High Viz Mesh Pouch (4)-  Conveniently organizes and secures your personal security items.

Essential Self-Defense Knowledge

Knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve included "Street Survival Skills" by Fernando Aguirre, a comprehensive guide to staying safe in any situation. Learn crucial techniques and strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Secure Storage

Your safety arsenal is housed in a virtually indestructible Yeti Cargo Box, designed to keep your gear secure and organized.

  • Yeti 30l Cargo Box-  For bomb-proof and safe storage, including room for your defensive pistol and ammo.
  • Master Lock Combination Lock- Ensures your kit is secure until you need it.
  • Apple Air Tag Quickly locate your Sanctuary Defense Kit in any scenario.
  • Motion Sensing Light- Instantly illuminates the contents of your kit when opened, ensuring you find what you need without delay.
  • Sanctuary Armory Owner's Manual