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Shelter at Home Kit

$ 575.00
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Shelter at Home Kit

$ 575.00
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Our Shelter at Home Kit is the cornerstone of our emergency kits, since staying at home during unusual events or emergencies is usually going to be the best course of action for family safety.

This high quality kit provides everything you need to stay comfortable at home when the power is off, the water isn't flowing and the toilets don't flush.  

We designed the kit to supplement what you might already have at home and to make sure you have what you need to handle a prolonged power outage. 

We have included:

  • Fire/Lighting- LED lantern, LED headlamp, and a Bic lighter
  • Water- advanced water filter and high capacity water storage device
  • Food- six freeze-dried camping entrees and six 2400cal meal bars, and propane camping stove
  • Medical- family sized AMK first aid kit
  • Hygiene- six waste-neutralizing sanitation bags
  • Communcations- advanced AM/FM/Weather crank radio
  • Tools- large advanced multitool, Gorilla tape, and spare batteries
  • Container- duffel bag sized to fit under a standard bed out of the way

We recommend having one Shelter at Home Bag for each residence, and our custom planning service can help you customize each one for your specific needs.