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Our Chairman:  Joel Smernoff

The set of best practices I developed for my own family deserves to be shared.  If you don’t have an actionable Emergency/Safety Plan for your family, consider working with one of our tactical specialists.  Semper paratus is our signature at Black Umbrella, and it means: always prepared.


Since 2009, Black Umbrella has compiled information from our own personal training and experiences, hundreds of books and resources, as well as individual insights from survivors into a set of action modules that your family performs at home with the assistance of one of our specialists to create a simple and effective plan that even your children can follow.

I personally have deep experience in disaster preparedness and urban/wilderness survival.  I was one of the early members of San Francisco's Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) in 1991, right after the Loma Prieta earthquake. I also have completed extensive training in many areas, including NYC CERT and FEMA certifications, survival training at the famed Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School, advanced firearms training with Haley Strategic Partners, AmTac Shooting, Costa Ludus, GoRuck Tactical and Gunsite, as well as courses in wilderness first aid with NOLS and the American Red Cross.

After experiencing two hurricanes, two major blackouts, a terrorist event, several tornados, and even an earthquake, all in New York City over the past 15 years, and becoming a father of two young children, I definitely keep family preparedness at the forefront of my mind.

Our certified Tactical Specialists share my dedication in assisting you to create plans that best protect your family in your unique circumstances.  If you are, like me, a parent who takes pride in having thought of everything for your children – commit yourself to making your Emergency/Safety Plan a top priority.  Black Umbrella can help you achieve that goal.