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COVID-19 Alert #2 - What You Should Be Stocking Up On

COVID-19 Alert #2 - What You Should Be Stocking Up On

What You Need to Know Right Now

The Corona Virus epidemic continues to ravage many countries, without showing signs of slowing down.  Concerns are now shifting that this will become a global pandemic.  

If this happens, we are far more concerned with the disruption of supply chains, and their impacts, than with the illness itself.  

Asian countries on lockdown currently are starting to experience shortages and disruptions. Even major online retailers (Amazon, Alibaba) are growing very concerned about running out of products and facing empty shelves by April.   

Our biggest concern about busted supply chains are their impact on drugs and medicines, given that China makes a vast majority of the ingredients for the world's meds.  

Milanese Supermarket on 2/24/20

Top Five Items To Stock Up On Before They Run Out

Given the virus' continued expansion, and its potential effects on global supplies, here are some critical items that we suggest you get extra of to have on hand, in case supplies start running short:
  1. Your Prescription Meds:  Make sure you get as much as you can in case supplies start running short.  Even though insurance will usually only cover a 30 day supply, you can usually get a 90 day supply if you pay out of pocket.  Depending upon how critical your prescriptions are to your health, this might be worth it.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment:   The last in-stock N95 respirators seemed to have sold out in the US on 1/26 and are now very difficult to get.  Our recommendation is to pick up a P100 half mask and cartridges that are usually used for painting or apply pesticides for each member of your family.  These protect you far more than the disposable N95 masks, and they will last weeks or months depending upon usage.
  3. Disinfectants: Before there is a run on the stores, you might want to stock up on bleach and Lysol wipes that can be used to keep your home germ free.  
  4. Toilet Paper:  This was one of the items that sold out the fastest in China, when millions were quarantined in their homes.  Always a good idea to have extra on-hand and never goes bad. 
  5. Extra Food: We have all seen the hoards that descend upon supermarkets right before a storm hits and buy up everything on the shelves.  Don't be those people.  The time to stock up on extra food is now.  The best way to do this is called "copy canning".  Simply buy extra of the shelf stable cans and boxed foods you and your family already eat.   Than to supplement this, we can provide you with Mountain House's award winning freeze dried foods, with 25 year shelf lives.  They are tasty and easy to prepare by just adding hot water (a la camping food). Lastly, adding in bulk rice, beans, lentils, and pasta is also an easy and cheap way of extending the amount of food you have in your larder. 

As we have said in the past, the number one way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.  Not only will this protect you from COVID-19, but also importantly, will help you prevent getting the regular flu as well.